Spiritual Hypnosis

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Hypnosis allows a direct connection without distortion through the interpretation of a third party.

Do you know the satisfaction of being engaged in your life's purpose and want others to feel the same?

This search for life purpose has always prompted  mankind to look for guidance and insights from a higher power - usually outside of themselves. Through the ages and still today, people of all faiths use prayer, meditation, chanting, religion, sects, gurus, psychics and mediums or various tools like past lives, tarot cards, crystals or pendulums to confirm their inner knowing or to get direction on their path.

There is an enormous fascination with what seems to be  an esoteric, mystical or supernatural ability to foresee the future, discover hidden knowledge, heal or connect to those who have passed or receive messages from or celestial or cosmic beings, gaining unusual insight or intuitive perceptions. Many of these practices would fall under the category of "Divination" and are, without exception, subject to the interpretation of the "diviner".

Are we then fated to the mercy of interpretation? The good news is, that everyone has these innate capabilities but they have mostly been educated out of our belief system.

For those who are open to it the state of hypnosis allows the connection with whatever is acceptable and any information and insight is received directly without a possible distortion through the interpretation of a third party - a direct cosmic line so to speak.

Why Spriritual Hypnosis is so profoundly important

The influence of our ego has been emphasised for very long and we are all feeling the results of this attachment. It oftentimes overrides our inborn sacred, spiritual or divine core and leaves us with a longing to reconnect with it or expand and develop this connection.

For many the old practices of rigid religions do no longer satisfy the spiritual appetite.

There seems to be a shift from believing in something OUTSIDE of ourselves to nurturing a higher power through themselves.  When we do we soon realize that our body is a temple or a vehicle for this force which flows through us and our lives mirrors of the many manifestations of consciousness.

Once we glimpse into this awareness new sets of questions arise: Am I following the purpose I came here for? How do I deal best with circumstances to minimize karmic debris? How do I deal with soul contracts which do not serve me? ... and so on.

What you can expect to learn

Assist your clients to connect to their own source of wisdom, their soul understanding or divine or cosmic beings and even to people who have passed.

By side stepping the analytical conscious mind and deeply connecting to our source (hypnosis) we are able to access and develop our natural abilities. Learn to utilize any of your clients existing preferences (prayer, meditation, working with crystals or chakra energies -to name just a few) to let them receive insights which is relevant, first hand and not distorted by third party interpretation.

By facilitating these sessions and being part of this energies chances are that your own vibration will raise and improve your on innate abilities.   

What you will witness can be the most humbling experiences: I have sat in the presence of Buddha, Jesus and many Angles and Archangels and other Beings.

Take your facilitation to include another dimension and offer what so many seek - honest empowering insight!   


Take your facilitation to include another dimension and offer what so many seek - honest empowering insight!*   

Book Now for Spiritual HypnosisSpiritual Hypnosis course date Cape Town: 26 to 27 November 2016
Venue: Mastermind Heartspace Centre

Spiritual Hypnosis course date Johannesburg: 12 to 13 November 2016
Venue: Conscious Healing Centre

Cost: R 3150-00 
Facilitator:Claudia Klein CHT (nm), CTPF, CPTT, NLP

*To attend this course attendants will either be students of The South African Institute of Hypnotism, have qualified as hypnosis practitioner or have background in hypnosis.


No Hypnosis experience.
You can Qualify as
Spiritual Hypnosis

book-now (1)Starting Date Cape Town: 17 to 18 September 2016
Venue: Mastermind Heartspace Centre

Starting Date Johannesburg: 13 to 14 August 2016
Venue: Conscious Healing Centre

 *Acceptance into the program is not determined by academic pre-requisites or scholastic achievement. However, we do seek passionate and determined people who are deeply committed to improving themselves and others. Therefore, if you feel a calling to apply your inherent talents and compassion, you bring the minimum requirements to embark on this journey, additionally if you have a background in other supporting modalities this may well enhance your overall competence.


Claudia Klein's has recently been published as a co-author of the book Spiritual Hypnosis: Accessing Divine Wisdom.This aspect of Claudia Klein's work has recently been published as a co-author of the book Spiritual Hypnosis: Accessing Divine Wisdom.