Membership Info

Membership Information for The South African Institute of Hypnotism (SAIH)®

The institute that trains the trainers!

The South African Institute of Hypnotism has different types of membership for their members which include:

Student Member

Students that are currently studying towards qualification. Student members will receive all the member benefits except inclusion in the “Find a Therapist” listing and will be given a membership certificate and ID card.

Certified Membership – CHT (non Medical) or CPTF

Certified Members receive all the benefits listed on our Member Benefits document, including a standard listing in the ”Find a Therapist” page. This can be viewed by the potential clients, doctors, healthcare providers and the general public. To find out more about membership benefits you can ask us here.

Certification and approval of applicants is accepted from other professional hypnotherapy organizations who meet the criteria set by The South African Institute of Hypnotism (SAIH)®.

Membership includes a membership certificate, FREE standard online listing in the SAIH “Find a Therapist” listing and a membership ID card.

To make your application to become a member or find out more you can you can ask us here.

Accredited Certified Member

Certified CHT (non Medical) and CPTF with 5 years or more related experience and also exceeding 600 hours of practice.

Associate Member

It has always been our vision to be inclusive and therefore any individual, group or association who is directly or indirectly involved with Hypnosis practices and willing to adhere to our Code of Conduct can become an associate Member. Associate Members will receive most of the benefits of membership, except inclusion in the “Find a Therapist” listing. Associate members will however be displayed under the Associate Membership page on the SAIH website and will include contact details.
Associate members will also be entitled to display the prescribed SAIH logo on their own website or any branding that is directly connected to them.


Honorary Member

Awarded for exceptional service to hypnosis or relevant modalities.


Please note that The South African Institute of Hypnotism (SAIH) is a registered Trademark.