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Hypnosis to quit smoking being covered by medical Scheme!

First medical aid scheme to allow its members to use their available savings for Quitting Smoking only with SAIH certified Hypnotherapists!!!

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How to Claim from Genesis Medical Scheme for “Quit Smoking” through Hypnosis

When you are a Member of the Genesis Medical Scheme and your have either the Private Plus or Comprehensive plans you can use a SAIH approved Hypnotherapist to quit smoking.

How to find an approved SAIH Hypnotherapist.

Genesis-SAIH logoYou can visit the  “Find a Therapist” page on the SAIH website and Contact any member displaying the Genesis Medical Scheme logo.

All our qualified and approved members have undergone specialized training to assist with smoking cessation and compulsive behaviours. Since our members are trained to be client centred we trust that the hypnotherapist of your choice will structure the session(s) to set you up to become a successful non smoker.

As this is ground breaking news members are being added and should you not find your Hypnosis practitioner listed yet, or should you have any general questions please contact our friendly staff at the SAIH head office. Tel:  0861102318  or email

 Take the TEST and SEE how committed you are to STOP Smoking

How to claim for your session

Once you have visited your SAIH approved Hypnotherapist you will receive a receipt with your SAIH practitioners name and practice number together with details of your medical scheme number, name of  and benefit option.

Please be advised that all Genesis Medical Scheme claims are audited and Genesis Medical Scheme may well verify the details with the SAIH practitioner, therefore it is vital to have the correct details.

It is very important to know that ONLY members on the Private Plus and Private Comprehensive benefit options will be able to submit their claims to the Scheme.  Claims will be paid from the available savings balance.


Question & Answers:

How many sessions will be required to quit smoking?


Smoking cessations can be dealt with through various proven hypnosis techniques and all our qualified members have undergone specialized training to assist with smoking cessation and compulsive behaviours. Therefore, depending on the Hypnosis practitioner you choose and that you are comfortable with, smoking cessation can be structured over one, two (or more) session/s of varied duration.



How successful is the use of hypnosis to quit smoking?


Every SAIH member displaying the Genesis Medical Scheme logo has adequate training and skills to facilitate smoking cessations. Hypnosis for quitting smoking is one of the best known applications with a high success rate. However, this does not make this a miracle cure. You will need to have a genuine wish to quit and claim back a healthy lifestyle and the willingness to work with your hypnotherapist.

The even better news is that our members are trained to understand possible obstacles like secondary gain, the law of reversed effect and many other underlying reasons why you are not yet a successful non smoker. Here truly is the opportunity to make a change for good.

Important for this procedure to be successful and lasting is that you and your hypnotherapist look carefully at your reasons and perceived benefits for smoking. Your subconscious may deny to conform with the therapy when these important points remain unaddressed BEFORE the smoking cessation.

For example:

Many people experience high levels of stress or anxiety and smoking brings a perceived benefit of relaxation. You might have not only greater benefit but also a much better platform for success when you first deal with the causes for your stress with your practitioner. Otherwise, you can imagine, at the next serious incident when your stress or anxiety is kicking in you may just reach out for that smoke.

 Take the TEST and SEE how committed you are to STOP Smoking

SAIH Member Des AttwoodQuitting Smoking with Hypnosis … What’s the Difference?

Article written by By Des Attwood CHT

The statistics in favour of quitting smoking using hypnosis are staggeringly positive, so what does hypnosis offer that other quitting smoking solutions don’t?

We often tend to make conscious decisions easily identified by statements such as “I must give up smoking” or “I really need to give up smoking”.   And you might well give up smoking … for a while!  The secret is that unless you successfully engage your subconscious mind, (the “hard drive” that stores absolutely everything about you – like what you had for breakfast 10 years ago), ensuring that your decision is completely supported, it’s likely that your non-smoking status will be short lived. READ MORE