Spiritual Hypnotherapy

SPIRITUAL HYPNOTHERAPY Past Lives, Soul Journeys and more
23 August 2016 @ 7:45 pm – 9:45 pm
Centre of Spiritual Philosophy
8 Solomons Rd
Sea Point, Cape Town, 8060
South Africa
R 40-00
Sylvia Katz
021 439 6005

Claudia lowresSpiritual Hypnotherapy

with Claudia Klein

This search for life purpose has always prompted mankind to look for guidance and insights from a higher power – usually outside of themselves. Through the ages and still today, people of all faiths use prayer, meditation, chanting, religion, sects, gurus, psychics and mediums or various tools like past lives, tarot cards, crystals or pendulums to confirm their inner knowing or to get direction on their path.

There is an enormous fascination with what seems to be an esoteric, mystical or supernatural ability to foresee the future, discover hidden knowledge, heal or connect to those who have passed or receive messages from or celestial or cosmic beings, gaining unusual insight or intuitive perceptions. Many of these practices would fall under the category of “Divination” and are, without exception, subject to the interpretation of the “diviner”.

Are we then fated to the mercy of interpretation? The good news is, that everyone has these innate capabilities but they have mostly been educated out of our belief system.

For those who are open to it the state of hypnosis allows the connection with whatever is acceptable and any information and insight is received directly without a possible distortion through the interpretation of a third party – a direct cosmic line so to speak.

8 Solomons Rd Sea Point
Entrance donation R40

FREE underground parking at Spar opposite the centre from 7 to 9.30 pm