Beyond Goals

Beyond Goals

DBeyond Goalsiscovering true purpose – an exploration into spiritual approaches with Hypnosis


The key to changing your life is to find out who you really are and what motivates you at the deepest level. Once you know what lies beyond your goals, you will have the “secret” key that unlocks the door to your physical, emotional and spiritual abundance.

During the 1 day Beyond Goals workshop, you will discover the difference between conscious goal-setting and alignment with your subconscious purpose. You will know which of your desires come from ego and which from inner truth. And you will have the opportunity to examine and overcome any blocks or resistances to creating the change you seek. Participants will also become more proficient at inducing self-hypnosis and will have the experience of using this as a tool for self-development. By the end of the course you will know how to enter empowering states of consciousness with a clear vision of your outcome, and you will have the practical tools necessary for taking the process further on your own.

This course is for those who have some experience with self-hypnosis and a basic level of understanding of the characteristics of the conscious and subconscious minds. The minimum requirement is the Self-Mastery through Autohypnosis course. The Beyond Goals workshop will also be of interest to experienced students of hypnosis as the emphasis is on transformational processes that aren’t covered in the core hypnosis curriculum. Participants will discover that this workshop offers a journey of self-exploration that can be repeated as often as they like, each time bringing deeper insights and greater skill in using the tools of transformation.

No matter what you perceive your goals to be – whether they concern health, wealth, relationships, spiritual awareness or any other aspect of your life – the Beyond goals workshop will provide a deep inner focusing on those quantum levels where change happens.

Classroom Courses

Cost: R 1 250 (Members) R 1 450 (Non-members) Duration: 1 day

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Please note that Beyond Goals is not a certification course as yet – in other words it does not count towards the Parts Therapy or Certified non medical Hypnotherapist qualification. However, it does earn you 8 CPE points (Continuous Professional Education) for further education. (qualified members are required to earn 30 CPE points each year to keep their qualification up to date. This is also an IMDHA requirement.)

One thought on “Beyond Goals”

  1. June Stone:
    “Very helpful material to re-evaluate my goals and have greater clarity of purpose. Very enlightening – wonderful tools that are practical and easy to apply.”

    Rene Oliver:
    “This is the best course I have attended regarding goals. This course is giving me perspective about how and where I am going.”

    Dr Spiros Kavalieratos:
    “A lot of deep thought has gone into this course. I got clarity and focus on my next steps.”

    Rod Waddington:
    “As always – “Tops” – good, relevant and well presented.”

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